Rise in targeted email scams

As spam filters become more effective at blocking large-scale automated emails, we are finding criminals are turning to more targeted and well-engineered attempts to defraud businesses.

Recently we have seen a rise in different types of attacks. Due to their nature, some of these emails cannot be picked up by the spam filters. In this case, we believe the best defence is awareness.

Payment & money transfer requests

These types of emails can be the most well-engineered and dangerous, attempting to defraud companies by thousands of pounds. Criminals are using the real names and spoofed email addresses of company directors and senior managers to request payments or money transfers from finance staff.

Attacks of this nature are increasingly difficult to detect through automated systems and therefore requires staff to be vigilant and suspicious of any financial requests that appear out of the ordinary in any way.

Change of bank details

Another approach is for criminals to imitate your suppliers, advising of a change of bank details so that you make payment into a criminal’s account.

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